Dr. Rajkumar Learning Center is a premier coaching center in Bengaluru renowned for its dedicated approach to preparing students for PSI / GROUP C / SSC / RRB & BANKING Exams. With a passionate team of educators, we provide top-tier coaching services tailored to meet the unique needs of each student, ensuring their success in competitive examinations.

Our Idea and How we started :

We have come together for a purpose. A purpose that will, in turn, revolutionized learning in future. A purpose that will make an impact on society.
We want to ensure that our learners are guided in the right direction to reach further in their chosen careers. We believe in changing the way the world learns.
Education is a birth right and we are here to make learning accessible to all with at-most quality, affordable and interactive.
Over the past year, we have learnt and overseen the future of learning. Today we are establishing our online presence by launching an online Learning App and expanding into more learning areas, we stay true to only working with the best.
Let us begin this journey of changing lives and working together for the betterment of our nation and its people.

Vision Statement

Dr Rajkumar Learning Center, a research-based on-line education platform is here to make quality learning affordable and accessible.
We firmly believe that nobody should be denied learning due to financial or infrastructural constraints. Our approach extends beyond the classroom to help aspirants, families and communities thrive.
We will not stop until all aspirants are born with equal opportunity to achieve their dream and reach further in their lives.
Our Future depends on it!

Mission Statements

To create a learning Platform that is Accessible and Affordable to Students from all walks of life.
To continue adding more courses into our Learning App that will help aspirants to create a livelihood for themselves.
To provide career opportunities to individuals in the education sector.
To innovate more ways to ease the process of learning.
To help our subscribers to Reach Further !
To be Vocal for Local!

Values of our Organisation

HONEST and SIMPLE: To make available to all. As a brand, we do this by being inclusive and HONEST in everything we do. We are personal and friendly in our approach and seek to be helpful at all times.
CONTINUOUS LEARNING : There’s no stopping in our learning library, and the same goes for our brand. We are dedicated, INTELLIGENT and spirited. We speak to our customers with conviction. And we believe in never stop learning.
SPIRITED: This is what we’re all about, but not just in the obvious ways. Yes, we have a lot of courses, mento- ring and assessments to facilitate learning, but what we really aim to do is to inspire a passion for continuous improvement in everyone who interacts with us.