1) What are the courses offered by Dr. Rajkumar’s Learning App?

A: Currently DRLA has courses for students appearing for 2nd PUC with KCET, SSC, UPSC and KPSC exams. More courses will be added soon. 

2)How do I get started?

A: You can download the App by visiting play store or visit our website www.drrajkumars.com

3)Do all programs have live-doubt solving?

A: Doubt solving classes are not live at the moment. We will notify you once the live-doubt solving classes are scheduled.

4)Is there a free demo class and how do I register for it?

A: Every course will have a few videos that are available free of cost for all users. 

5)Are DRLA courses mapped to the school syllabus/curriculum?

A: Yes, some of the courses are mapped with the syllabus/ curriculum. Some of the courses are for competitive exams only.

6)What is unique about DRLA teaching methodology.

A: top academicians are involved in developing the videos and the course content. Recorded videos are specially designed by using a combination of computer graphics, animations and sound effects.

7) Where can I track my child’s progress in terms of learning?

A: The Leader board tab gives you an indication of your child’s progress by showing his/her test ranking.

8) What languages are the learning programs available in?

A:  The 2nd PUC course content is available in English language and all the Government competitive exams are courses are available in Kannada and English both.

9) Do DRLA learning programs need the internet?

A: For Live streaming of the Videos, internet is required. However there is also an option to download the video and it can be accessed  in ‘Go to Downloads’ anytime, anywhere.

10) Can I use DRLA Apps by connecting to a laptop for a bigger screen?

A: Currently there is no option to connect to a laptop.

11) Is there a parental lock on the Apps?

A: There is no parental lock. All the content uploaded on the App is for educational purpose only.


12) Is the App available for free?

A: The App can be downloaded free of cost on the Play Store. The Play store link is mentioned below. 

13) At what point do I start paying for the subscription?

A: In order to access the course material and learning videos, you will have to subscribe and that is when you will start paying.

14) Can the subscription be cancelled?

A: Once the payment is made through the payment gateway, subscription cannot be cancelled.

15) What is the cost of subscribing to DRLA programs? 

A: Please download the App from Play Store to find more information on courses and subscriptions.

16) Do you provide customer support? 

A: yes, we have a customer support team. You can reach us at 9591111551 or mail us at:  contact@drrajkumars.com