2nd PUC Karnataka

In Karnataka, higher secondary education is known as Pre-University Course (PUC) and consists of two years. The final of the two years is known as 2nd PUC. 17 years is an age of tender dreams and aspirations, the age where any height seems scalable and the age where knowledge is explored. We understand these dreams and have come bearing gifts to help you dream bigger, stronger and greater. 2nd PUC is the step where you choose the door to your destiny.
To help achieve your dreams and to make learning more creative and fun, we have come up with this App which opens your mind to a whole new world of learning. This App doesn’t just teach, it helps you learn the way it is supposed to be learnt, to dream the way you are supposed to dream and yes also to score the marks that your parents dream too.
We have designed this course to help you navigate the difficulties that you face in understanding science. We have created content which helps you to visualize the concepts and remember them easily. The best part of it is you can always pause us while watching (which you definitely cannot do in the class) and you can also go back to the concept where you are facing difficulty, allowing you the freedom to set your pace of learning.
And that’s not all, to make you more exam oriented and to help calm your parent’s nerves we have come up with exam oriented curated content. This content is completely organized based on the previous year paper patterns and helps you glimpse at the questions possible in the final examination. By this we are not only saving the magnificent splurge that parents make on your tuitions we are also helping you get better pocket money based on your performance.
Not enough! Don’t worry we believe in giving more and yes, we are going to give you MCQ’s after every video to help test yourself whether you are spot on in understanding and where you stand w.r.to conceptual clarity. We are also giving you a fun MCQ bank where you can test your limits of understanding of the concept and gain greater confidence.

This course focuses on the subjects

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