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Huttidare Kannada naadali hutta beeku…

Mettidare Kannada manna metta beku…                                                                                                       

This is a famous song sung by Dr. Rajkumar which is now an anthem for Kannadigas across the world and non-Kannadigas who are now residents of Karnataka since long. It means:   

If born, I should be born in Karnataka soil…If I traverse, I should do so on Karnataka soil…                                     

Karnataka is a land that welcomes and embraces everyone who shows an affinity to it. Kannadigas are warm-hearted gracious souls who treat humanity as their brothers and sisters and multiply their joy by sharing it with others.                                            

Along with the endearing weather, this welcoming nature of Kannadigas is what adds to the happiness of those who are blessed to walk on this soil. Non-Kannadigas take to the people, the culture, the land, the cuisine and to the language with equal enthusiasm.                                 

Every time a Kannada word is spoken by non-Kannadigas, unparalleled affection and extreme respect are sure to come their way. When this be the case, a lot of non-Kannadigas are thirsting to better their existing knowledge of Kannada and learn more to reach out with their hearts to Kannadigas in their mother tongue.                                      

Dr. Rajkumar’s learning App is humbled to be able to utilise this portal to present ‘Kannada Kali’ and spread the light of Kannada in an easy, effective and enjoyable way so that more people will be enthused to not only understand better when Kannada is spoken but also react and reply meaningfully.             

The structure of Kannada is akin to all other Indian languages and can be learnt fast. ‘Kannada Kali’ is modelled in such a way that Kannada will be learnt in an internationally accepted format starting with the letters of the language, then an understanding of the elements of the language and basic aspects of day-to-day Kannada usage, all these with a clear focus on the ability to speak.                                       

Easy to understand definitions, complete with pictorial representations of the concept with a three tier translation of the English word with the translated Kannada word in both Kannada and English script is provided for complete understanding and clarity.We hope to make this the go to platform for non-Kannadigas to achieve basic proficiency in Kannada and be able to start any conversation by stating:                                              

‘Please talk to me in Kannada! Nanage Kannada goththide!