The origin of life on earth can be understood only against the background of origin of universe especially earth. Most scientists believe chemical evolution, i.e., formation of biomolecules preceded the appearance of the first cellular forms of life. The subsequent events as to what happened to the first form of life is a conjectured story based on Darwinian ideas of organic evolution by natural selection. Diversity of life forms on earth has been changing over millions of years.
It is generally believed that variations in a population result in variable fitness. Other phenomena like habitat fragmentation and genetic drift may accentuate these variations leading to appearance of new species and hence evolution. Homology is accounted for by the idea of branching descent. Study of comparative anatomy, fossils and comparative biochemistry provides evidence for evolution.

List of Topics​​

Origin of Life 
Evolution of life Forms-A Theory 
Evidences for Evolution


Adaptive Radiation 
Biological Evolution 
Mechanism of evolution 
Hardy Weinberg principle 
A brief Account of Evolution 
Origin and Evolution of Man