Microbes are a very important component of life on earth. Not all microbes are pathogenic. Many microbes are very useful to human beings. We use microbes and microbially derived products almost every day. Bacteria called lactic acid bacteria (LAB) grow in milk to convert it into curd. The dough, which is used to make bread, is fermented by yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Certain dishes such as idle and dosa are made from dough fermented by microbes.
Bacteria and fungi are used to impart particular texture, taste and flavour to cheese. Microbes are used to produce industrial products like lactic acid, acetic acid and alcohol, which are used in a variety of processes in the industry. Antibiotics like penicillin produced by useful microbes are used to kill disease-causing harmful microbes. Antibiotics have played a major role in controlling infectious diseases like diphtheria, whooping cough and pneumonia.
For more than a hundred years, microbes are being used to treat sewage (waste water) by the process of activated sludge formation and this helps in recycling of water in nature. Methanogens produce methane (biogas) while degrading plant waste. Biogas produced by microbes is used as a source of energy in rural areas.
Microbes can also be used to kill harmful pests, a process called as biocontrol. The biocontrol measures help us to avoid heavy use of toxic pesticides for controlling pests. There is a need these days to push for use of bio fertilisers in place of chemical fertilisers. It is clear from the diverse uses human beings have put microbes to that they play an important role in the welfare of human society.

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Microbes in Household ProductsMicrobes in Household Products
Microbes in Industrial productsFermented Beverages
Chemicals, Enzymes, and other Bioactive Molecules
Microbes in Sewages TreatmentPrimary Treatment
Secondary Treatment
BOD (biochemical or Biological oxygen demand
Microbes in Production of BiogasMicrobes in Production of Biogas
Microbes as Biocontrol AgentsMicrobes as Biocontrol Agents
Microbes as BiofertilizersMicrobes as Biofertilizers