Rate of Chemical Reaction Average and instantaneous, with graphs, SI unit, rate of a reaction expressed as rate of change in molar concentration of reactants and products using balanced equation
Factors Influencing Rate of a Reaction Factors affecting rate of a reaction, dependence of rate on concentration – rate expression (rate law), specific rate constant, order, units for rate constant of zero, first and, second order reactions. Molecularity – uni, bi and termolecular reactions – examples.
Integrated Rate Equations Derivation of integrated rate equation for the rate constant of zero and first order reactions, graphs for zero and first order reactions-analysis, half-life – derivation of relationship between t1/2 and k for zero and first order reactions. Numerical problems on first order and half-life, Pseudo first order reaction- examples.
Temperature Dependence of the Rate of a Reaction Arrhenius equation – activation energy, energy distribution curve showing temperature dependence of the rate of the reaction, problems based   , graph of ln   with intercept and slope. Effect of catalyst, explanation with graph.
Collision Theory of Chemical Reactions An elementary idea of collision theory, criteria for effective collision – threshold energy and orientation factor.