Study from Home is the New Normal

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Study from Home is the New Normal

We are here to talk about the latest trend among students called study from home, which is the new normal. But, the definition of “normal” has changed drastically in 2020. From the perspective of a student, life in general has taken a new turn. Schools and universities had closed down after the first wave of lockdown. This had led to students turning to study from home. Online learning had taken a new step in the spotlight as going out to attend tuitions was not an option. Thanks to technology, students have access to multiple online learning programs. After the lockdown was lifted and educational institutions reopened their doors, a new system was set in place by most of them. Only 30-50% of the students were to attend classes physically whereas the rest were to attend the classes online and study from home. In order to maintain physical distancing and prevent the spreading of the virus, this was a crucial step and eventually became a catalyst for online learning methods.

Timetable for Study from Home

Just like schools or colleges have a daily or weekly routine, it is important for students to create a routine for themselves during study from home. This will help them transition quickly to this new scenario. Without a timetable for study from home, students will not have a direction which can highly affect their learning process. Planning their daily or weekly study tasks will ensure they do not fall behind in curriculum and will also help them make the best out of a study from home scenario. Chalking out a plan plays a key role in preventing a student’s day from becoming mundane and monotonous. This way they can keep a good balance of curricular and extra-curricular activities and also look forward to holistic development. It is not possible to recreate a school environment at home. But, one can try to establish a realistic routine which will help students remain focused. The idea is to make their transition to the new study from home normal, easy and seamless.

Have your own Study from Home Space

It is important to allocate or designate a certain part of the house as your study from home space. A space that you, as a student feel comfortable in. Below are a few tips to help elevate the quality and efficiency of your study space:

Get Proper Study from Home Furniture

Considering the fact that a student will study from home for at least 3-4 hours a day, it is important to have comfortable study furniture. Try to get yourself an ergonomic table and chair that will help you focus without facing any discomfort for long hours. A bad chair or a table that is too high or too low for you can lead to physiological problems over time, such as neck pain, back pain, lumbar issues, etc. To avoid such problems, make sure your study from home furniture suits your study style.

Ensure Presence of Adequate Lighting

Studying in low or inadequate lighting can put strain on your eyes. Ideally, your study from home space should have access to natural lighting during the day time and the presence of adequate artificial lighting for the evening. Avoid studying in low light as by doing so you will be over working your eyes which over time can create macular issues for your eyes.

Add a Biophilic Element

A biophilic design when added to a study from home space can have a multitude of benefits for students, both physiological and psychological. Firstly, it makes the space more attractive which will encourage you to spend more time at your study table. Introducing biophilic elements can also help improve cognitive thinking, enhance your mood and also reduce stress. Eventually, this will help students increase their productivity and maintain physical and mental wellbeing during study from home.

All Work & No Play is Not Normal

Since the advent of the new normal of study from home, the idea of a playground is almost non-existent. Students no longer have their friends to engage with in fun activities due to the pandemic. However, some form of physical activity is required to maintain health and wellbeing of students. With the given restrictions of space, there are still many ways to be active at home. Students can use online fitness apps and attend online workout sessions. These have an added advantage of attending classes with multiple others which brings back the feeling of accompaniment. You can also engage in creative activities like painting, dancing, etc., which will improve your thinking skills and at the same time help keep your day-to-day interesting.

Practice Good Posture during Study from Home

Students often suffer from the after effects of having a poor posture while studying. Make sure you sit straight and do not slouch while sitting. Your back should be touching the chair back; you can be a little reclined if possible. If your chair does not have a lumbar support, use a cushion pillow or a rolled-up towel. Ideally you should use a chair which is equipped with a good back support. Your head should be in an upright position while studying and shoulders relaxed with elbows by your side. Keep your computer screen or study material at your eye level to avoid slouching your head. In terms of placement of the chair and your study desk, the chair should be height adjustable with proper lumbar support. Do not slouch your back on the chair and sit upright with your back touching the chair. Your study desk should be big enough to accommodate all your study accessories and it should also have enough knee space to help you sit comfortably.

Be Vocal

This pandemic is a new situation for all of us. It is evident that you will experience not so great days when you are feeling low or going through mood swings. Talk to your family members regarding this and be vocal about the issues you are facing. Study from home can be a lonely affair. Anybody will encounter emotional breakdowns if confined to one space for a long time. But in a situation like this, communication is key. We implore parents to converse with their children and support them. Now is when they need it most. To the students and aspirants out there, take this opportunity to be self-sufficient and utilize the time to the fullest.

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